I have always been fascinated by Star Trek Tech. From a child I liked buttons and switches, flashing lights (it was mesmerizing); to the point I needed to know what made them work. Sitting in a UH-60A Blackhawk as a child and seeing all the switches, then going behind the scenes to meet the men behind the machines; hooked my engineering tendencies.

While other kids played with GI-JOE figures, I was creating futuristic starships out of helicopter gyro’s, bearings and miscellaneous parts that my dad gave me. In 1979 a trailer for a movie came out where all the fiction of my life seemed to be placed into a functional reality, it was Star Trek the Motion Picture. In the trailer of this movie were panels and panels of buttons, switches, lights, gadgets; I was hooked. I had heard of Star Trek, but in 1979 there wasn’t exactly Cable TV or the Internet to go and find shows not running anymore.

So this was truly my first induction into Star Trek. In the 90’s the The Next Generation tool my love for Tech and brought it closer to home. Now a techie trekkie I enjoy the characters, but the technology more. Below are some of my collectibles with my attempt to recreate some of the fun of the 24th Century into my daily life. 


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