Palm Phone – A Disabled Vet’s Best Friend

Not too long ago I started looking into devices that would “extend the leash” of mobility for myself. I looked at several alert pendants, bracelets and such; all with their features and prices. The problem is they always either alerted the EMS or an expensive call center, none of them gave enough info for someone to assist me if a public episode came on.

Then I came across the Palm Companion Device from Verizon. With this phone I was able to add popular apps that made for greater visibility for those who might overreact if they came across a Veteran with nerve damage such as mine.


  • Small and light so I can wear this around my neck.
  • It can work independently from a main phone.
  • Offers apps and phone functionality
  • Works with my Bose hearing aides.


  • Battery Life is low, but as an emergency use I got 2 days between charges.

Here’s is what I did to make this phone become the perfect medical alert companion:

1. Got the device through Verizon, added to my plan for $10 a month extra (WAY cheaper that alert devices)

2. Got a clear case so I could add emergency info on the cover of the phone (see image) CLICK HERE FOR CASE

3. Added 2 apps:

a. SOS app – This allowed me to call my specified contacts with an emergency text with a GPS location – Click Here

b. A medical info alert App – This allows a good descriptions of conditions, allergies and more – Click Here


I went to the dentist recently to have a broken tooth extracted however, during the procedure the infected nerve hurt so badly that it triggered an episode. Because of the Palm Alert Phone it was able to educate the staff on how to react in the event of an episode. Additionally, the Paramedics were also informed from the info contained on the apps on proper response treatment. My wife was notified and I was able to get home without an expensive and unnecessary trip to the hospital.