Power Wheelz is my continually updated, tricked out, customized power wheelchair. This project has grown over the years to take on a personality of its own; hence the use of a website to help showcase the purpose and continuing story.

Having a disability can be a life altering event,
but it’s how you deal with it that defines the disability.

A wheelchair is a tool, just like a car takes someone who doesn’t want to walk from point A to B… Power Wheelz does the same for me. I am blessed that I only need to use the wheelchair when going more that 25 yards or so… but as my health declines the need of mobility assistance becomes more important. So if I am going to be in one… why not make it fun!

…that my trials become trails that help guide my children through the path of life.


Number of WheelChair Additions


Power Supplies


Number of Star Trek friends


Smiles Generated

Current Power Wheelz Additions:


• Full Front Control Panel
• 19 Inch Monitor with HDMI Music Videos and Movies
• Sound System Running 7 Drivers w/3 amps
• Karoke PA with additional sounds and sirens
• Interchangeable Side Panel Graphics
• Chrome Tube Railing
• Dual Exhaust with Smoke and Light FX
• 360 Axis RGB LED plus box lights
• Business card holder
• 3D Transparency effects for the Electronics
• Custom Designed NOS Stickers… (really funny)
• Halo Headlights
• Interchangeable Flame Decal Plates
• Switch Activated Bubble Solution Refill Pump
• Cell Phone Charger
• R2D2 companion unit with lights and sounds
• Chrome Cup Holders
• Bottle Opener
• Back-Up Camera
• Front LED FX Strip
• Adjustable Dual Bubble Blowers w/ nitrous bottles
• Disco Cube with sounds
• USA Rear Lighting
• Front and Rear LED Running Lights
• Custom switch boxes
• Fighter Jet Inspired Controller
• 12 Separate Power Supply’s


United States Air Force Veteran









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